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Create Your Own Adventure

Artist Statement

For my “Create Your Own Adventure” project I chose to do the open-ended project. The piece that I wanted to create was an advertisement, which I feel that I accomplished. The company I wished to represent was Marzocchi Suspension Products from Italy. I chose this company because I have had good success with them in the past. For the product, I chose to do their new suspension fork, the 888 RC2X, which is the pinnacle of suspension forks. Creating this piece means a lot to me because I ride as much as I can and it’s normally on their forks. Since I have tried and tested I wanted to create something that positively reflected the company to other people.

To create the desired effect, I first obtained a stock photograph from stock.xchng. The photograph was very large, and it suited my needs perfectly. I was able to use all of the image to lay out text and the inserted images. I then obtained the pictures of the forks from high resolution on Marzocchi’s website. I feathered the edges of these two images at ten pixels. This also allowed the images to stand out more and not blend into the background image. Since this is an advertisement, the company logo was needed. I obtained a pixel image from a Google image search which I then vectored so that it was scaleable. I also vectored the text below the logo so that would also be able to be resized. Since the company has no real slogan, I needed to create one. The slogan that I devised for this advertisement is “Built for Speed” as these products are usually used in race situations. I also felt that it would make people interested in the product. All in all, I am very satisfied with my end result.

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Mouse Pad

Mouse pad
Artist Statement

The name of my artist is Vincent Van Gogh. Although this was my second choice artist, I still enjoyed using his works as I have previously seen them at art museums. I like the style that Van Gogh uses in most of his works, which is a thick brush stroke. By using the thick brush stroke, it gives his pieces more of an abstract look, when they are not. For my mouse pad, I chose to use one large image for the entire background. I then used pieces of his other works to layer over top. Some I used effects on, on the others, I faded the edges. I think that my design
communicates the special characteristics of my artists work because it highlights all the main features of their most famous pieces. Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is one of the most famous if not the most famous pieces done by him, so I felt that it was necessary to make it a focal point of the piece. The images laid over the background are images that I thought would compliment each other, as they all share a similar theme.

I believe that I was able to successfully use the computer to transform my ideas into a design for my mouse pad. The design I chose will continue to inspire me and help me when I am using the computer as I will be able to see it very easily, it will also inspire me because it was something that I made myself from scratch. I was successful in creating a reasonably well unified and expressive design. I had only one problem with the feather tool, but I was able to resolve the issue and continue working. I think that in the future I will try and include more works so that there is less of the background visible.

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Artist Statement

For my vector drawing, I chose to vector both me and my bike. For the background, I chose the Australian flag, as I have lived there for four years and I still feel strongly connected to it. Also, I chose the flag because of the pattern of the stars; I felt that it would give the drawing good depth if there were to be a two dimensional background, or just a solid color. Some of the stars appear behind my body and some appear through various spaces in the bicycle’s frame. To include myself in this drawing, I am sitting on the bike in a side-on to the viewer position I also decided to include my new mountain bike because riding my bike is part of my life. Since I chose to depict myself from the side, you see my right leg and my right arm. You cannot see my left arm and you can only see part of my left leg. The bottom of my leg is cut off just below the knee, and the bike is cut off just above the hubs. My right arm is holding on to the right grip across the “front” of the drawing. In this particular position, you can see all the controls of the bike as the handlebars are turned to the right. I feel that this give a different perspective of a bicycle.

I am depicting myself in the position I am in because I feel that riding my bike is a very big part of my life. In this particular position, I am sitting on the bike looking straight ahead with my left arm at my side. I feel that this pose gives a look of concentration. One other idea I had for a pose was one where I was wearing my full-face motocross helmet, I decided against this because I felt that it would take away from the piece, and I now know that it would have taken away from the overall look of the piece.

Orange and blue naturally look nice together. This is my thought behind wearing a blue shirt, although it is a little dark in this picture. The shirt really compliments the orange bike. Another source of blue is the Australian flag. These colors create a calming effect when you are looking at the piece; I also think that these two colors draw attention. On the Australian flag, there is a union cross. The union cross really accents the piece with red and white, which are otherwise unused. Furthermore, I believe that the stars behind the bike and I, draw the viewer’s attention. The main colors in my piece are cool colors, with some hints of warmer colors. For me, the cool colors represent a calming feel, which is also the feeling I get when I’m riding my bicycle.

To me, the best parts of this piece are the front triangle and handle bars of the bike, this is also the area that took the longest, partly because it was where I started. I think that this is the best piece because it looks the most life-like. You can remove the layer and you will hardly notice any difference between the vector and the pixel image. To me, the worst part of this drawing would have to be the jeans. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I do not like how the jeans look up close. I think that this may be due to our digital camera, as it is not the best model out there, and the picture was also taken at night.

Overall, I immensely enjoyed this project and believe that it was well worth the time spent on it. Hopefully, I will be able to find the motivation to complete one on my own time, now that I have learned the necessary skills.

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Ex Libris

Ex Libris
Artist Statement

For this project, I chose to do the final design as art deco. Art deco appealed to me more than art nouveau because of the straight lines and geometrical shapes. It was also easier for me to draw. To me, the curved lines of art nouveau don’t appeal as much. For my final design, I mainly utilized rectangular shapes, on the bottom left and bottom right corners, there are overlapping rectangles which are in different colors. Originally, after the whole ex libris had been outlined, I started the color scheme with reds and browns, these colors did look good together, but I felt that there was something better for this particular piece. Originally, the greens and blues were much brighter, but it was necessary to darken them somewhat. For the necessary text present in this design, I decided to start free handing the letters after much deliberation. After a while, I found something that was not too hard to do, while still maintaining the art deco look. The text is very square and angular. Because I created my own unique text for this project, I know that no one else will have the same text on their design.

To me, the pattern and varying colors of the rectangles appear to be an aerial view of a building or similar structure. So it was clear that this was my Ex Libris, I put my initials in the center of the image. In the initial stages of planning, the words Ex Libris were not within their own color, there was to be a checkered divider between Ex Libris and my initials. I felt that the divider ruined the overall look of the piece, and that is why I removed it and opted for a solid color. By arranging the rectangles as they are, I feel that is has directed the viewers attention into the center of the piece. By creating the
focal point in the center of the drawing, it directs your eyes to my initials and then up to the top of the piece where it says Ex Libris. Originally, I had not planned for there the focal point to be in this position; it just fell into place as I was refining my piece.

I feel that as my final design, it has met my personal requirements and I believe it has been a successful project. During this project, I became very comfortable with using the pen tool, especially for the letters I chose to draw. I also learned some important things about design, such as these two styles. I had previously heard about art deco and art nouveau, but I never knew what exactly they were. Now, I have a good understanding of the two different styles and the history behind them. I am satisfied with the way that my final product turned out.

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Artist Statement

The design I chose is one that I feel demonstrates shape, space and movement quite well. To demonstrate space, I decided to use two contrasting colors, which are black and beige. The space of my composition is divided into 4 parts by 3 lines emanating from the bottom center of the piece. These lines are blue and effectively divide the background into 4 triangular areas. I then set the black triangles within the border of the beige space approximately one eighth of an inch, which created more beige lines.

Not only do the beige lines demonstrate space, they also demonstrate movement. When you are looking at the piece, your eyes are attracted to the lines and they want to follow them, in this case, they do not end. Also creating movement are the circles going from left to right in order of size. The circles also help demonstrate space, but this time the depth of the space.

I used my design to help demonstrate shape. I feel that by using the shapes I chose, they created a variety of shapes, including triangles, rectangles and the circles. I also picked colors to the best of my ability and I feel that the finished product is what I was aiming for.


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